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          Development History

          1949 On the eve of the founding of the PRC, No.21 Factory of Air Force (namely No.511 State Owned Factory-the precursor of Jincheng Corporation) was established in Shanghai Dachang Airbase and engaged in aircraft comprehensive repair.

          1951 No.21 Factory of Air Force (namely No.511 State Owned   Factory-the precursor of Jincheng Corporation) made arrangements for establishing Nanjing Aviation Industry College (the precursor of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.)

          1958 engaged in the production of aviation accessories

          January of 1979  embarking on a road of transfer from military products to civil products. The first unit of Jincheng motorcycle was born.

          1985  imported motorcycle production technology from Suzuki Company in Japan.

          June of 1992  Jincheng Corporation-China’s first motorcycle company group was established.

          1993  Jincheng Corporation exported its motorcycle production technology to Pakistan, which created a precedent in exporting motorcycle production technology to foreign country.

          March of 1994 Nanjing Jincheng Machinery Co., Ltd.-the largest sino-foreign joint venture of motorcycle was established.

          August of 1994  the first imported motorcycle and engine intelligent flexible production line in China was put into use by Jincheng Corporation.

          June of 1995  Jincheng motorcycle and engine production quality assurance system passed ISO9001 international quality standard certification.

          December of 1996  A trans-century project, the first phase of construction-General Assembly Plant of Jincheng motorcycle was finished and put into use, thus making the production level and production scale both went a step further.

          February of 1997  the first overseas joint venture of Jincheng-Jincheng De Colombia S.A. announced its opening.

          1997 The export volume and revenue in foreign exchange created both ranked first in China’s motorcycle industry.

          1997 The export volume of civil use high-pressure vane pumps produced by Jincheng exceeded 10 thousand units, which made Jincheng rank first in China’s machinery industry.

          May of 1998  Jincheng imported CIS project, and enterprises culture was upgraded to be a productive force for the first time

          1998 Jincheng was awarded “National CIMS application leading enterprise” by Ministry of Science and Technology of China

          December of 1999  “JINCHENG” brand was awarded “Chinese Famous Brand” by State administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.

          April 18th of 2000  Rt-mart announced its opening, which marked that Jincheng took solid steps in tertiary industry.

          April of 2001  ZF Steering Jincheng (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. was established, which marked that the hydraulic products development of Jincheng went a step further.

          December 18th,2001 Jincheng established a win-win cooperation with No.609 Research Institute to integrate into new Jincheng Corporation. At the same time, AVICⅠ Jincheng Nanjing Electrical and Hydraulic Engineering Research Center was established.

          December of 2003  Jincheng and Aprilia(Italian company) signed a cooperation agreement.

          December of 2006  AX100 motorcycle produced by Jincheng was awarded “Export Inspection Exempted Commodities” and Jincheng Corporation was awarded “Export inspection exempted enterprise”.

          May of 2007 AVICⅠand Nanjing government signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Jincheng established four industrial bases in Nanjing, such as aviation light power base.

          December of 2007  AVIC and Jincheng Corporation jointly enhanced capital and enlarged stock of Anhui Kaile Special Vehicles Co.,Ltd.

          January 25th,2008  Mr. Jiaqian Fan - vice premier of Vietnam led a government delegation of over 20 persons to visit Jincheng.

          November 18th,2008 Mr. Yongxiang Lu-vice chairman of the National People’s congress and staff visited Jincheng Nanjing Electrical and Hydraulic Engineering Research Center

          November 24th,2008  Aviation light power project of Jincheng was officially launched in Nanjing Jiangning Economic Development Zone.

          December 16th,2008  Jincheng set up the first fleet of motorcycles to attend a world-class competition-Dakar Rally.

          December 19th, 2008  AVIC and AVIC Jincheng Corporation enhanced capital and enlarged stock of Liuzhou Chenglong Special purpose vehicle Co.,Ltd.

          February 9th, 2009  Special vehicles sector AVIC Jincheng was restructured and has officially confirmed an initial public offering in the stock market.

          November 3rd,2009  Jincheng Corporation entered and hosted Liaoning Luping Special Purpose Vehicle Co.,Ltd.

          November 10th,2009  Global president of Hamilton Sundstrand(a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. ) and president of flight system visited Jincheng.

          January 16th, 2010  Jincheng motorcycle team was the first Chinese team to finish all the processes in Dakar Rally. The Chinese drivers of Jincheng motorcycle team achieved a breakthrough in Dakar Rally.

          April 20th, 2010  The signing ceremony of letter of intent for C919, a large passenger aircraft project, was held in Nanjing, thus making Jincheng Corporation become the main research and production unit for three system devices, namely systems of hydraulic, fuel and air management.

          April 22th, 2010  AVIC Jincheng finished restructuring of Dong’an Heibao project.

          June 10th, 2010  Jincheng Primary school in Xisongji, Huaian city announces its opening.

          August 15th,2011  Jincheng was awarded the title “Key International Famous Brand Bred and Supported by Jiangsu Province”

          August 19th ,2011  A ceremony for the joint venture between Jincheng and Hamilton Sundstrand to enter Jiangning Development Zone was held.

          March 6th,2012  Jincheng Corporation was rated as “AA” level (the highest level) enterprise for credit management of Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine by National Bureau of Quality Inspection.

          March 20th , 2012  AVIC City of Technology announced its opening and China Aviation Technology Mansion held its foundation laying ceremony in Nanjing.

          January 7th, 2013  Jincheng motorcycle team of China pledged their sixth expedition into Dakar Rally in Nanjing, establishing the status of the strong.

          September 29th, 2013  Jincheng motorcycle team of China perfectly finished China Grand Rally ,winning the top three and being awarded a “Cup of Manufacturer Team”

          November 15th, 2013  Jincheng Corporation was awarded “civilized unit of Jiangsu Province” for the year from 2010 to 2012.

          December 10th, 2013  Jincheng Corporation was awarded the honorary title “National model home for the workers” by All-China federation of Trade Unions.

          March 12th, 2014  The new leading body of Jincheng Corporation took office.

          September 12th,2014  Jincheng motorcycle team of China won the champion and second place, and was awarded a “Cup of Manufacturer Team”.

          In May 2015, Nanjing Jincheng Property Management Co., LTD. was registered formally.
          In June 2015, Jincheng Corporation released "Enjoy Change" new culture idea system.

          In September 2015, Jincheng team achieved "Manufacturer Cup" for three consecutive Silk Road 2015 China cross-country rally.

          In December 2015, Jincheng Motorcycles Hunting Owl SJ150 - D won "Top Ten Models Award" of the 2015 China motorcycle models.

          In January 2016, Nanjing Jincheng Data Technology Co., LTD. was set up.

          In July 2016, Jincheng Group achieved all three top 10 units of the "12th Five-Year Plan" of national enterprise culture dissemination media construction.

          In October 2016, Jincheng motorcycles K1/JC200-k won "Innovation Model Award" of the 2016 China motorcycle model year.

          In November 2016, Jincheng Group was honored with the title of the "Quality and Safety of China's Export Model Enterprise" by AQSIQ.

          In December 2016, Jincheng group won the title of "Civilized Unit of Jiangsu Province” from 2013 to 2015; was awarded the "Guard the Reputation of Contract" enterprises by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce from 2014 to 2015.


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