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          Automobile&Motorcycle Spare Parts

          Nanjing Jincheng Mikuni Machinery & Electronics Co,.Ltd is co-funded by Nanjing Jincheng Machinery Co,. Ltd. (Jincheng), Mikuni Corporation(Mikuni) and Okaya & Co., Ltd. (Okaya). It was established in March, 1996 with the registered capital of 4 million US $and is mainly engaged in the production and development of oil pump of motorcycles.

          The company imported a complete set of processing and test equipments as well as the production technology which are all of the world's top levels. It has an annual production capacity of 4 million units of motorcycle oil pumps and 1 million units of water pumps, thus making it one of the leaders in motorcycle oil pump and water pump producers in China with the ability of developing new products. Morever, it will develop into a production base which holds global technology and scale leading status in the world. It is an accessories producerfor famous domestic users such as Jincheng, Dachangjiang, Changzhou Haojue,Qingqi Suzuki, Jinan Qingqi, Jianshe Yamaha, Qianjiang. Morever, its products are sold to overseas market such as Japan and European.

          We give full play to the advantages in numerical control machining to develop the business as an auto accessories manufacturer. With more than ten mechanical hand processing lines and leadingonline error proofing system, the company has been cooperating very well with world famous enterprises such as Continental (in Germany) and Honeywell (in U.S.)to become a first-class enterprise with the integration of capabilities in die casting, precision cold extrusion, ultra-precision CNC machining, assembly and testing.

          Contact person: Mr. Ke Li


          Nanjing Jincheng Plastic Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of AVIC Jincheng Corporation. It is a joint venture between Nanjing Jincheng Machinery Co,. Ltd. and Nanjing Plastic Products Factory and was established inDecember,1997 with the registered capital of 24 million RMB Yuan and locationin Jincheng Motorcycle Town, Hushu Industrial Zone, Jiangning District,Nanjing.

          With outstanding technical and managerial teams, the company is equipped with first-class facilities such as more than twenty units of injection molding equipment(86T~1400T) of domestic and international advanced level, various welding equipmentand inspection equipment.

          The company is mainly engaged in the research & development, production and sales of injection mold parts which are used in the industries of aviation,autos, motorcycles, communication, household electrical appliances, daily consumer goods. It is an accessories manufacturer which is now directly or indirectly producing for General Motors, Great Wall Motors, Jinbei Automobile,Geely Automobile, Bosch, ZF, Rollax, Jincheng Motorcycle, LG, Hisense, Suzuki plastic. Its products have been sold well to domestic and overseas markets and have won favorable comments from the customers. The company put emphases on quality control and environmental protection. It has been dedicating itself to continuously improving production efficiency and has passed the system certifications of TS16949 and ISO14000 which enable us to provide reliable guarantee for thecustomers. Our company warmly welcomes extensive business connections with all the friends to win a wonderful future. And we will stick to the “customers first” business philosophy with elaborate design and production to provide you with first-class technology, products and services.

          Contact person: Mr.Xinrong Li

          Telephone: 025-52692518-8808

          Fax: 025-52692518-8800

          E-mail: jclxr@126.com


          Being an affiliate of AVICJincheng Corporation, Nanjing Jincheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd specializesin producing die casting products. Established in Hushu Industrial Development Zone, Jiangning District, Nanjingin 1993, the company takes a floor area of 80 thousand square meters and aconstruction area of 12 thousand square meters with 230 employees, among them 45 are technicians. The company is committed to the production of a variety of quality aluminium alloy die casting products for motorcycles, autos, aircrafts, foods,Hydraulic control systems, textile machinery and light industry.

          Contact: Mr. Yong Zhang



          Nanjing Jingyi Casting Co., Ltd, invested by AVIC Jincheng Corporation, is a manufacturer of parts of air intake and exhaustsystem for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, parts of motorcycle engines, aircraft engine accessories, engineering hydraulic and valve bodyparts. With the registered capital of 11.25 million US $, the company was established in 1995 and takes a floor area of 30 thousand square meters, a casting plant areaof 6,800 square meters and machinery processing plant area of 3800 squaremeters. It has 300 employees, of whom the technicians and managerial personnel takes 20%.

          From America, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Japan, the company imported advanced machinery processing equipments, including resin sand casting production equipment, machining center, honing machine aswell as inspection equipment, including vacuum direct reading spectrometer, three-coordinate measuring instrument and contourgraph, etc. It boasts an annual production capacity of one million pieces (or sets) of various types and material trademarks of iron castings, and 800 thousand pieces of finished products of mechanical processing. The maincustomers are all large-scale whole machine factories at home or abroad andfortune 500 enterprises world-wide.

          The company passed the quality system certificationof ISO9001:2000 and TS16949:2002 in2006. It will provide all the customers with quality products and satisfactoryservices supported by excellent quality assurance system, fine processingequipment and advanced technology.




          Address: No.38 Dongtong Bridge,Qinhuai District, Nanjing


          Affiliated to AVIC Jincheng, NanjingJincheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd Branch Company was set up in 1993. At present, it is equipped with morethan 50 units of vertical and horizontal numerical processing center machinetools, a variety of single-axis and two-axis turntables which enable us to conduct the loading at a time and conductmultisurface machining. Two units of three-coordinate measuring equipmentimported with original packaging from Italy enable us to measure the productsat anytime. Now the company has 60 employees. It handles business includingprocessing the motorcycle engine shell, cylinder head and small aircraft engineaccessories, other types of products as well as the research and production ofnew types of shells.

          Contact person :Mr. Yongqiang Lu

          Telephone: 025—51815776


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