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          Modern Service Industry

          Established in November 3rd,2009 with the registered capital of 0.96 billion RMB Yuan, Nanjing AVIC Science and Technology City Development Co., Ltd(abbreviated as Science and Technology City Company) was co-funded by AVIC Electromechanical Systems Holdings Co., Ltd, AVIC International Holding Corporation, AVIC Jincheng, AVIC Real Estate Holding Company Limited. At present, Science and Technology City Company is engaged in the project of AVIC City of Science and Technology, which is located in the old plant on No.518 East Zhongshan Road, AVIC Jincheng, Qinhuai District, Nanjing with Jiefang Road to its east, Mid Longpan Road to the west, East Zhongshan Road to the north, Ruijin Road to the south. This location is at the extended east section of famous Xinjiekou Business District which takes multiple comprehensive advantages, including business atmosphere, cultural and human landscapes, development scale, composite traffic, etc. It takes an area of 400 thousand square meters and a gross floor area of 1.8 million square meters. The estimated total investment accounted for 25 billion RMB Yuan and estimated production cycle is seven years (2014-2020). The project is planned to have “One center and four sections” namely, Central Park, business sector, science & technology business sector, science& technology originality sector, residence sector. AVIC City of Science and Technology plans to build a city complex supported by new leading city life style and aviation science & technology as the core so that it can have great and far-reaching influence on city and business development of Nanjing.

          Company prospect: To finish a perfect project, build an outstanding team and live an excellent life;

          Company objective: To contribute to China’s aviation industry

          Core value: cherish, cooperation, efficiency and quality

          Project address: No.518 East Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, China

          Telephone: +86-025-51817200

          Nanjing AVIC Jincheng Property Management Co., LTD was established in May 2015, and was invested by two major shareholders of the subsidiaries of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, which is Jincheng Group and AVIC Property Investment Co., LTD.

          The vision of the company is to "build China's urban complex realty service benchmarking" , adhering to the service concept of “we work hard to make more satisfaction" , to introduce the management tools such as lean six sigma, the balanced scorecard, the P5 method, fully implementing performance excellence model. Company's main business including property management services, focusing on the business of science and technology city, market operation, three plates of value-added service, which is based on customer requirements, fully integrated resources, innovative value-added services, to provide services such as building facilities of the whole life cycle management, asset management, intelligence property, community, commerce, catering services etc, continue to improve the quality of service lifecycle.

          Company Vision: To create a benchmark for Chinese urban complex property services;

          Company Mission: To make the property more valuable, to make employees more successful, to return the shareholders, to repay the society;

          Service Concept: We work hard to make more satisfaction.

          Company address: 23rd floor, AVIC Science and Technology building, 218 Longpan middle road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing

          Contact number: 025-51815666

          Company website:http://www.avic-pm.com

          Nanjing Jinlongpan Real Estate Investment and management Co., Ltd. was established on January 22nd, 1998 and is a wholly controlled company of AVIC Jincheng Corporation as well as a national third-level property management enterprise. As a housing asset management company in accordance with modernized enterprise system operation, it now mainly handles owner-occupation rental housing and estate management services.

          The housing rental area of Nanjing Jinlongpan Real Estate Investment and management Co., Ltd. reaches 15 thousand square meters. Recently, the company has undertaken the property management project of Jincheng Plaza and Jincheng Electromechanical Industrial Park, totally 113 thousand square meters for the property management areas. In line with operation principle of honest credit and pursuit of excellence, people-oriented as well as all-win harmony, it is striving for providing the customers and employees with satisfactory services.

          Quality first, customer satisfaction

          Service aim: serve the customers whole-heartedly

          Operation principle: Honorable credit, pursuit of excellence, people- oriented all-win harmony

          Telephone: 025-51815101 025-84583927

          Jincheng hospital is a first-grade class-A comprehensive hospital in Nanjing, which is subordinate to Industry Zone Construction Management Center, AVIC Jincheng Corporation. It is a designated hospital for basic medical insurance of Nanjing Urban employees, medical insurance for urban residents, maternity insurance for urban employees and medical insurance for unban retired veteran cadres.

          The hospital is by Qinhuai Rver and Yixian Bridge with 50 employees, among them are seven associate chief physicians and nine chief physicians. Its business covers basic medical security for employees of Jincheng Corporation and residents around as well as medical examination for community retired employees. The hospital owns SIMENS Digital Radiography Machine, GE Color Doppler B-mode Ultrasound, Hitachi Automatic Biochemical Analyzer, Dynamic Electrocardiogram, Ambulatory Blood Pressure and Mammary Diagnostic Instrument, etc.

          Jincheng hospital carries out more than 30,000 man-time illness diagnoses and more than 5,000 medical examinations per year. We will provide superior illness diagnoses and medical examinations for the patient and people in all walks of life.

          Contact person: Mr. Shun Zhang


          Nanjing Jincheng intelligent science Co.,Ltd was established in 2001. It has specialized in the research & development of manufacturer informatization application software and its related advisory services to provide enterprises with software such as ERP, PDM and integrated solutions.

          It is a national certified software enterprise and a manufacturing informatization advisory services unit certified by Scientific and technological office of Jiangsu Province and Nanjing Science & Technology Bureau as well as a Microsoft dealers association Charter member.

          In recent years, the company is cooperating with many universities and colleges. So that it can employ outstanding graduates and undergraduates to strengthen its research & development team. Now the company has information service teams of design, development, technical support, advisory services, project implementation, administration of networks, hardware maintenance, etc. It constantly absorbed the essence of superior domestic and overseas management software to provide enterprises with excellent software and professional advisory services.

          To conclude, Nanjing Jincheng intelligent science Co.,Ltd is growing up in enterprise and in the service of enterprises. It owns a design team with a general view of the whole situation, a development team with excellent technology, an experienced implementation team, a proven methodology and win-win service idea.


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